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Modern trends of Augmented Reality

author image by uqio_admin | Augmented reality | 0 Comments | 21 Mar 2018

How could AR systems make our life better Technology of Augmented reality is a modern scientific wonder, hitting the market like a blast. Most popular companies are putting a lot of effort to move with the time, while customers do…

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Future of Advertising Reality

author image by uqio_admin | Augmented reality | 0 Comments | 21 Mar 2018

Future of Advertising Reality Over centuries humanity developed various methods of data transfer – from verbal communication, languages and writing to modern technologies like social networks, television and instant-communication apps. Some ideas were far better than their opponents, leading to…

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Augmented reality: inner workings

author image by uqio_admin | Augmented reality | 0 Comments | 19 Mar 2018

Augmented Reality Development Cycle Each software product, whether it is a game, time management system or big data analysis software, is a complicated system, where every mistake may cause devastating effects that may come to light at any moment. And,…

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Game Department of Yuqio LLC:
A full circle of the game development in the Europe.
We offer the full circle of game development. From design document and prototyping to full-scale production and release on PC, Mac, mobile devices.
Portfolio and company info:
We offer:
Game design document creation from scratch.
2D-art and animation/3D-art and animation.
Unity/Unreal/HTML5 -based client and server programming.
Release strategy and marketing.
With the Best wishes,
Yuqio LLC Team


Game Development Outsource and AR / VR Services

Kyiv, Ukraine, Rustaveli st. 30
Skype: haraldalder (Norway)
Phone: +380684923885

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