Magic Masks

Magic Masks YUQIO is excited to announce a launch of its brand new puzzle game Magic Masks. A wicked wizard has come to an island full of peaceful inhabitants and turned them evil with enchanted masks. Now you have to free your friends! The game is suitable for both children and adults.

The main goal is to place a totem under the evil mask. When the mask jumps on the totem, you need to click on the drum in order to eliminate the threat. There are three different locations with 35 levels awaiting you and more coming soon. Magic Masks gives a great range of different masks, that make the game more fun, but to make the player’s life easier the game offers potions and spells, that can be found in the enchanted book. Moreover, apart from evil masks, you will find your friends, that you should protect.

Magic Masks requires logic and quick reactions. If you think, that you are capable of mastering this game, then you definitely need to try it and see yourself – a lot of surprises await you.



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