Modern trends of Augmented Reality

Modern trends of Augmented Reality

Technology of Augmented reality is a modern scientific wonder, hitting the market like a blast

How could AR systems make our life better

Technology of Augmented reality is a modern scientific wonder, hitting the market like a blast. Most popular companies are putting a lot of effort to move with the time, while customers do their best to provide sensitive feedback to further development of existing products that allow Augmented Reality to become a new way of living.

New products of Augmented Reality are created each day, most of them done in a form of headset. This point of view seems to be the perfect choice, affecting our visual perception, hearing – which are considered primary for most people. Modern researches also prove an old idea that came from the genre of sci-fi: if our primary way of perception is affected correctly, our brain may help us trust in reality of any information by supporting received data with the help of other senses. The best example of this would be any simulator of roller-coaster developed for Augmented Reality systems: most players admit that when they use headsets for such game (even without any additional stimulation for their body!), their feeling of space and their current location is changed as well.

So, what products proved their right to be named prodigies in a field of augmented reality development?

The first name that comes to mind would be Oculus Rift. This project is considered the first among others due to the fact it was the first product that became available to the broad audience all over the world. After the transfer of this technology from author, Palmer Luckey, who got founds for this technology via Kickstarter company, it was sold to Facebook. Since then, its development did not stop – according to market researches, future promises great success for this technology.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift was the first product that became available to the broad audience all over the world

Now, a year after its initial release the company is ready to say that the product is matching all expectations they put in it. Additions, like Touch controllers or supporting senses for room-scale support of existing, polished games like Lone Echo or Robo Recall, only prove the point: Oculus Rift is acknowledged as the top-notch product for a good reason.

A close second device, striving to become the leader, is HTC Vive headset, made with support of Valve corporation, whose expertise in the field of gaming experience is well-known. This headset comes with a pack of 70 sensors that allow a pure 360 vision with an amazing refresh rate of 90Hz.
Another edge of this technology is known as Lighthouse room tracking, that allows user to move around the room while wearing a headset. While missing some exclusive titles that are limited to Oculus Rift, Vive is known to work with many AR games from a broad library of Steam. Also, it’s new out-of-the-box technology is promising to allow bringing any object from the real world into AR and VR systems, bringing a whole lot of new possibilities for the entire industry.

The list of current leaders on the market of VR and AR devices would be incomplete without Sony Playstation VR. It stand on the perfect ratio of price and quality, bringing unique experience to customers on console platforms, promising to become the new benchmark for tools that support products of AR and VR. Its strength lies in user-oriented approach that allows users of PS4 to experience Augmented reality games right now, when this technology is known to become the new trend. Combined with the lowest price among others, it is hardly surprising that Sony VR has outsold both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this year.

Seeing as all players of this field are striving to grant the most realistic AR and VR experience, we hope that they are going to maintain their momentum throughout the years to come.


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