Outsource in GameDev industry

Outsource in Game Development

Outsource is nothing new to humanity

Outsource in Game Development

Same as most processes that are meant to achieve a complete product at the end, Game Development requires hundreds of different tasks to be completed. Art components to be painted, music to be created, market researches to be completed – these and many other things come to mind when you think about creating a game. Add to it a tight timeline and limited resources – and the problem makes itself painfully obvious.

As it often happens, different conditions and circumstances of real world make it hard to be perfect in all tasks – simply because almost no person, team or company, interested in creating a game, is perfect in all areas of expertise that need to be covered.

Outsource is nothing new to humanity. If someone’s good at one area but lacks skill or resources to complete tasks in other areas, this person would most probably find and hire a helper. Essentially, outsource is just that – hiring experts that may live and work on the other side of Earth to complete tasks that require specific skills. In fact, this trend became an ordinary part of industry, sometimes – even an essential part of game development.

Regardless of amount of work to be achieved, outsource is a universal key to success. Even the biggest players of GameDev, like Ubisoft and Blizzard use outsourcing to develop a great product. Based on their experience, several rules of outsource game development for both clients and developers were formed:

  • Always understand, what kind of job needs to be done. This knowledge is needed to find the best executor for each task and to lessen a risk of mismatch between expectations of client and end product made by developer.
  • Always have a specific task. If you ask someone outside of your team to outsource your task, you need them to understand not only what you need, but what do you need it for and how should the final product be given to you.
  • Keep in touch. Sometimes, a single misunderstanding on early stages of development leads to critical results at its end.
  • Reputation is a must. Both developer and client should control their public image to be an actual player on the market. This means that two sides need to be clear about their past experience, current resources and future intents.
  • Obligations of parties. Each side takes responsibility on what are they going to do in this partnership – such relations require formal clarification by creating a mutual agreement, signed by both sides.
  • Timelines and Deadlines. These two terms are what drives the process of game development outsource. While timeline creates a structure of client-developer relationship, Deadlines gives each and every task relevant priority and time limitations.
Outsourse in GameDev

One of the most important parts in outsource is communication between client and developer

One of the most important parts in outsource is communication between client and developer, regardless of task type and size. Mutual understanding leads to mutual benefit – the better your communication is, the better result will be.

All kinds of goals could be achieved by outsourcing them to freelancers or specialized companies across the globe. According to statistics on top outsource resources, three hundreds of outsourcing contracts are created by game development studios every hour – and about 80 percent of them find an executor in less than thirty minutes. And, while not all contracts end with success, outsource remains one of the best tools that creators and dreamers all over the world could ever imagine.


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