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Outsource as a development trend seems to grow day by day

VR development: Outsource?

Outsource as a development trend seems to grow day by day. Companies of varying size compete for skilled developers all over the world – all to fulfill expectations of their devoted players.
In the last few years our society grew all the more aware of Virtual and Augmented reality. These technologies have really devoted audience, and for a good reason. And now, it’s time of us to ask ourselves: is outsource as a method of production a good fit for VIrtual Reality systems?
Outsource, which represents classic relationship of employer and worker with application of modern technologies, is solving many tasks of varying difficulty. Actually, it brought to business life a lot of things that were previously considered impossible. For example, you need a nice set of 3D models for a racing game. This task is a one-time-deal, so there is no reason to hire more people on a constant basis. So, you just ask for help of skilled 3D artist (quite often – more than one), which is highly convenient because you only pay for actual hours that this specialist spent on your issue.
Was the previous example impressive? Even the whole IT development process may now be outsourced by an experienced team on the other side of the earth, with only communication and finances left from previous routine tasks.

If outsourcing development of other technologies is now a usual business, why should Virtual Reality be different in any way? Many teams and companies thought this way when VR systems started their way to glory. Now, after several years, any developer with experience in this field has a new, broader understanding of how it should be done.
Virtual Reality, being a complex system, requires equally complex approach. While previously mentioned 3D models for classic 2,5D and 3D visualisation could had mismatches or hidden shortcommings, VR requires them to be as perfect as they may be done with current technologies, as now each user may change his point of view in ways that were not considered before.

 project of Virtual Reality

Outsourcing VR development is a task of high caliber, that needs professional touch regardless of project scale

VR software, of course, consists of many different aspects, and not only graphic content is a priority. Quite another trivial task, known to many of us, is a high-priority for any project of Virtual Reality. This task is simulation, it’s speed and smoothness. Human brain as an amazing system helps developers of Virtual reality, using imagination as a bridge between actual products and our perception of it. But, to help us make us believe in reality of virtuality, it makes quite a few demands to technology that communicates with our senses.

As we see, outsourcing VR development is a task of high caliber, that needs professional touch regardless of project scale. Only the best development studios are a good choice for such mission, and we are proud to say that our resources, experience and expertise are a perfect match for your expectations!


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