VR: what’s it all about?

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: wildfire progress of technology and amazing opportunities?

Virtual Reality: wildfire progress of technology and amazing opportunities

Every second of our life we interact with the world around us. But what our life would be if we could create reality that matches our wildest dreams? Technology of virtual reality (VR) is just about to make it possible.

For centuries, people all over the world were trying to discover new sorts of experiences. It is well-known by now that human as a biological species receive information from outer world by senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, tactile feel and vestibular organs. Still, no technology ever took tried to face the great challenge of covering all these senses to create artificial reality identical to real world.

While sight and hearing are well-explored by cinema and music over the last several centuries, with almost no loopholes in top-notch technologies for our brain to find mismatches, other senses are a terra incognita. In our time, greatest break-throughs are made on the edge of different science fields. As humanity found out, it takes great resources to understand even the basics of how we understand the world around us.

To understand the difficulty of Virtual Reality concept, think about this: how would you describe a smell of rose to a person who had never heard of this flower? This task may seem virtually impossible, but that’s not an end. VR as a technology needs a way to communicate with human organism by using signals of our brain – on of the most complex systems known to humanity, which still needs to be explored on all levels for us to solve this task of bringing Virtual reality to life.

Another part of VR concept was also leaving scientists speechless for hours. Imagine that your brain is receiving signals from some device, and you want your virtual avatar to walk ten feet. But how could we control this motion so that you body in real life didn’t change its position along with virtual one? One of the most obvious, even if extraordinary solutions would be to control brain signals while human is a part of Virtual reality, all the while blocking transfer of such signals to our limbs and neural system.


What our life would be if we could create reality that matches our wildest dreams?

These problems and issues are stil hanging, but now, after years of researches and billions of dollars spent, we are sure that we stand right before the start of the new era. Ever wanted to conquer the mountain of Everest without the risk to your one and only life? In several years that would be just as simple as going out for a walk. Were you planning to conquer the galaxy when you were a child? Games of coming years would let you do this in-between work and naptime, all the while never telling you that there is an actual difference.

Also, VR could be applied not only for entertainment purposes. With this technology we will have the option to experience events that happened before we were ever born! If predictions of fantasists of last fifty years will match results of modern researches, time perception would also change in Virtual Reality. Just imagine: you put on a helmet, spend one day in real world, while in virtual reality you take piano lessons for a month! Apart of predictions, Virtual reality, even being an artifical creation, could also be a better opportunity for people with disabilities and lethal diseases, allowing them to become an equal members of society.

As it happens with every new technology, there are people among us that find it strange or downright terrifying to live the life in the world that wasn’t given to us from birth, but created for our pleasure and convenience. But, while disputes are held all around the world by scientists, politics and spiritual leaders, technology is developing with great goals being achieved almost every day, and now we are almost certain that Virtual Reality will soon become an important part of our life.


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