Why it is necessary to give games for outsourcing???

 Outsourcing the game development

Outsourcing is one of the easiest and economically viable ways to make your dreams come true

Why it is necessary to give games for outsourcing???

Gaming industry is growing rapidly and as per the ESA stats, video game industry’s sales were more than 25 billion dollars in 2010. As smart phones became affordable, more and more number of people is using them and gaming apps are increasing beyond the expectations. Be it Google Play or iTunes appstore; gaming apps are constantly topping the charts and this is more than enough to prove the increasing popularity of games. VR based games are also making their presence felt along with PC, console, web based online, 3D games etc. and games from all these categories are expanding their market by coming up with advanced graphics and better game play options.

So, those who are in the gaming industry are focussing on retaining the existing users and trying their level best to attract new customers. Unlike the earlier days, game development wasn’t costly and anyone can make their dreams come true. Outsourcing the game development to India or Ukraine is a best option as most of the software firms located there offer great services at affordable prices. Number of start-ups offering game development is continuously on rise in these two countries and note that it is the responsibility of the client to choose the best firm.

Outsourcing is one of the easiest and economically viable ways to make your dreams come true. Most of the clients think of directly hiring the developers and coding the games that they wanted to develop. This is not a good idea considering the fact that code has to be developed by professionals and a qualified testing team has to constantly check for bugs, security issues etc. Even those who are familiar with software development may also find these things a little bit difficult and it is always better to give game development for outsourcing. Here are the differences between outsourcing the game development and doing it by hiring software developers.

Outsourcing the game development

Offshore firms are equipped with all the software and hardware required for the development of different games

The first and foremost advantage is better supervision. If you outsource the project, the outsourced firm regularly update you on the development process and you will have the flexibility to supervise the updates whenever you want. The outsourced firm will take care of everything, starting from setting the deadlines to developers to dividing and assigning the tasks to developers. In case of direct hire also, the client can assess the progress but he has to do all the things himself.

The outsourced firm knew the strengths and weaknesses of its employees and they divide tasks accordingly. Also, as they are working on similar projects for a very long time, the understanding between the team members will be better which immensely help in completing the project in time. In case of direct hiring, it may take some time to build great rapport between team members and the employer need to personally assess each game developer to know their strengths and weaknesses.

In case of outsourcing the project, there are more chances of completing the project within the stipulated time. The outsourced firms are better at planning and they will try their level best to meet the demands. In case of direct hire, the client directly depends on the developers and if the client is not familiar with code development, the developers will have the luxury of setting goals at their pleasure and this leads to delay.

Offshore firms are equipped with all the software and hardware required for the development of different games. For example, if you want to develop a game targeting iPhone or iPad, then you need to write code on Apple Inc. devices only. So, to avoid all these extra costs outsourcing the game development is a good idea.

Unlike earlier days there is no need to outsource different tasks like marketing, code development, testing to different firms as several offshore firms are offering all the services starting from improving the idea to posting the fully developed on app stores. So, choose the firm where all the game development services are available under one roof and this makes your job really easy.
The client needs to take care of some issues after deciding to outsource the project. There are chances of idea getting cloned and it is the basic responsibility of the client to reveal his idea only after signing the NDA agreement. Not only the development, safety and security also play important role in making the game successful and the client needs to give enough attention to these aspects also. Make sure to check compatibility issues and thoroughly review the game before taking the final delivery.

. Outsourcing the game development

Choose the firm where all the game development services are available under one roof

The client needs to take care of all these issues to make the project successful. His ideas must be creative and he should choose the right firm that can do the task. Do some research about the firm before taking your final decision and don’t get fooled by fake testimonials and reviews. Don’t hesitate to change the firm if it didn’t meet the standards set by you. Finally, the client does have the flexibility to cancel the agreement if the offshore firm failed to meet the agreed demands.


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