Virtual Reality and Outsourcing

VR technology is increasing its presence day by day in every sector and gaming industry is no exception to this. In fact, gaming industry is one of the few industries to realize the potential of VR early. The success of a simple VR based game, Pokemon Go gave inspiration to several other game developers to innovatively use VR technology in their games. Entertainment industry is also catching up in using VR technology and several other sectors will follow this path very soon.
This completely immersive experience is based on the nature of human senses and introduces a new world to the viewers. So, VR based games development require vast knowledge on sensors, coding, designing, image processing etc. and even a small mistake can ruin the whole experience. Thus, a team of software developers can’t alone successfully develop a VR based game and it is always better to prefer a company which had experienced teams to handle different tasks. From budget point of view also, it is better to outsource VR based game development than hiring professionals do get the job done.
VR based game development is a costly affair and outsourcing the task to VR focussed companies is the most effective choice to control budget. The first advantage with outsourcing is that the client can change the outsourcing company if he is unsatisfied with the quality of work being done. Also, offshore company is responsible for the equipment/softwares required for the development and this reduces overhead costs. The offshore company focuses only on tasks assigned to it and this way, the clients can organise their tasks better. This ultimately helps in achieving the desired output.
Some clients still doubt on outsourcing the development and coding tasks to dedicated VR developers. These fears may become true if proper care is not taken while selecting VR developers. Going through the testimonials of previous clients and online reviews is one of the basic things to do. Also note that all the reviews found on Google search may not be genuine and use your common sense to distinguish real and fake reviews.
It is always better to keep an eye on the budget but while choosing a dedicated VR developing firm, one have to be flexible. In most of the cases, the quality of VR content is in direct proportion with the amount spent on it. Hence, the clients should be willing to spend required amount to get high quality content. Also make sure that the amount you spent got reflected in the VR content developed.

Serious VR developers will have better infrastructure facilities and to offer uninterrupted support/services

Don’t get fooled by words like cutting edge technology, advanced techniques in coding, 10+ years hands-on experience etc. and such attractive phrases are being used by almost every software firm these days. Best quality should be the client’s primary motto and he should stick to that. Also, the clients should have clarity on what they want and they should tell the same to the outsourced team time to time.
To create an immersive simulation, synchronization between visual and hearing senses should be perfect. Even a small mistake in impairment will ruin the whole experience and care should be taken to avoid such silly mistakes. Before outsourcing the project itself, the client should clearly tell the developers that only clean and code in perfect sync will be accepted.
Security issues need special focus and the client should tell the developers that his code should be hackproof. Also, the copyright issues need to be discussed well before handling over the project. NDA agreement is a good idea considering the fact that duplicate VR content is increasing day by day. Also make sure that the images, sounds and all other content used is copyright free and by ensuring this, clients won’t face any legal as well as professional problems in the future.
VR technology changes from time to time and make sure that the developing firm is using the latest SDK. But it is always important to maintain download compatibility. It is the duty of the client to check these issues before starting the coding. The client should be responsible and he should track and monitor the developments time to time.
VR code development is a costly affair and assess the financial position of the offshore company before awarding your project. The offshore software company should have sufficient working capital and have the capacity to run even in case of unseen financial crisis. Small things like having a common communication language, working time zone overlap, availability on standard communication channels like phone, VOIP, email etc. my appear silly but they play a crucial role in project becoming successful.
Last but not the least, the client should check for IT infrastructure and quality certifications. Obviously, serious VR developers will have better infrastructure facilities and to offer uninterrupted support/services, these are necessary. It is better to prefer off shore companies that have certifications from popular companies like Microsoft, Google etc. Offering a pilot project to test the competency of the outsourced firm is also a good idea.
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