Outsourcing of game development to Ukraine

Outsourcing game development became very common these days. Even larger firms realized that they can’t do all the things alone and started outsourcing some tasks to offshore companies. In case of outsourced projects, the bigger firms won’t face monotony issues and they can offer new and refreshing experience to their users. Creative and reliable firms across the world are grabbing these opportunities but Ukrainian firms are outperforming the start-ups from the remaining countries. Here is the list of factors that contributed to Ukraine in becoming the favourite outsourcing destination for game development.
Ukraine is one of the fast growing IT destinations and as per the latest statistics, close to 90,000 professionals are certified by big multinational companies in different platforms. Ukraine is way ahead than several other European countries in terms of number of professionals. According to experts, number of IT professionals in Ukraine may cross 200,000 mark by the end of 2020. As per the official stats, Ukraine stands fourth in the list of number of IT processionals following USA, India and Russia.
More than 36,000 students graduate from Ukrainian Universities every year and the country boasts of more than 400 internationally reputed universities. This number is much more than several other countries like Japan, Norway etc. which are known for their innovations. So, there will be no shortage of software professionals in Ukraine. Also, Ukrainian universities are offering more courses on software development these days.

As per the official stats, Ukraine stands fourth in the list of number of IT processionals following USA, India and Russia.

More than 1000 software companies are offering services from Ukraine and clients will have the flexibility to choose the firm that suits his requirements. Some of these Ukrainian IT firms have branches outside Ukraine also and most of these firms are giving stiff competition to international gaming giants. Young entrepreneurs are also starting software firms and more than 2000 start-ups are trying to make their presence felt in the international arena.
One of the most important advantages of choosing Ukrainian firms is better communication. More than 85% software professionals in Ukraine can fluently speak English. So, the client can communicate his ideas better and the developers can also clarify their doubts directly with the client. Two way communication will be easy with Ukrainian firms which is very important for the successful completion of the game within the stipulated time.
Average hourly rate is less in Ukraine when compared with several other European countries and it doesn’t mean that these firms offer below par quality. Most of the clients are very happy with the output received from the Ukrainian firms. A software engineer who is offering services for $20-40 per hour is easy to find in Ukraine and an engineer with similar capabilities and qualifications can cost you anywhere between $80-100 in the USA.
Ukraine’s talented tech pool is diverse and developers from different platforms are part of this group. Game developers, app developers, OS coding experts, network administrators etc. are part of this unique yet innovative group. In Ukraine, tech events are organized in one part or the other throughout the year. Interested clients can attend these events and they are ideal places to meet diverse teams. Don’t miss the large conferences organised by industry leaders if you want to outsource your game development.

Ukraine’s talented tech pool is diverse and developers from different platforms are part of this group.

Work ethics and working environment play an invisible yet important role in the game development. Clients should check these two factors before outsourcing their projects to offshore firms. Ukrainian firms maintain global standards in this aspect and the infrastructure facilities need special mention here. Most of these Ukrainian firms work based on the western model and the relation between client and employees are purely professional. The best thing about Ukraine developers is that they love to accept challenging roles. Lifestyle of Ukraine people is very similar to that of Western people and cultural compatibility with US will be more.
Ukraine is growing at a faster pace compared to other countries in that geographical area. It is important to note that more than 100 internationally reputed firms like Magento, Oracle, Ericsson, Boeing etc. established their R&D centres in Ukraine. Some of these firms are also hiring Ukrainian software professionals and Ukraine is currently featured in innovative economies list because of its leaping heights reached in software as well as game development.
When compared with other countries, number of paid vacation days is very less in Ukraine. No more than 10 days are observed as paid time off days as this country is less diverse. If you are thinking of outsourcing your game development project to South or South-East Asia, consider these factors into mind. Developers in Asian countries are from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and the number of holidays will be more. So, it is always better to prefer Ukrainian firms if you want to outsource your project. Along with game development, Ukrainian software developers are also good at java, C#, PHP, Phyton, .Net, Blockchain technology etc.
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