Virtual Reality and Outsourcing

VR is the technology of the future and almost all the popular software, gaming, and entertainment firms are spending a considerable amount on research and development of this new experience. If anyone wants to harness this new technology and stay ahead of competitors, this is the right time. It may be hard to find qualified and experienced VR coding experts as this is a new technology and outsourcing the project to a reliable firm is worth considering. To be frank, outsourcing is a proven practice and even software giants also opt for this method whenever necessary.
Of all the sectors that are using VR, the gaming and entertainment industries need special mention here. These two industries are growing constantly and the percentage of VR content is increasing rapidly in these two sectors. Most of the VR games that are being developed are using basic VR technology and the advanced features in the VR technology are yet to be explored by the developers. The immersive VR experience may reach new heights very soon and the early players will always have the advantage of capturing large market share. So, clients who are looking to enter the VR market, this is the right time.
To develop VR content, only two options are available. The first one is directly hiring the VR developers and the second one is outsourcing the project to a dedicated VR developing team. Also, VR is a considerably new technology and the number of high quality professional developers is less compared to other coding platforms. So, it is always better to outsource the VR development task instead of hiring coding professionals. India and Ukraine are the two countries that have highly qualified VR developers and from budget management point of view also, professionals from these two counties offer better quality work at economical price. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing VR development to one of these two countries.

It is always better to outsource the VR development task instead of hiring coding professionals.

Best in quality: It is difficult to hire qualified VR professionals directly but if you outsource the project, there are more chances of getting the services of the best. The clients have the flexibility to choose the best firms and if the firm fails to meet the expectations of clients, the client can easily cancel the agreement and choose another firm. In case of direct hiring, it is difficult to get the best quality output as the client needs to take care of several other things.
Common Language: In India and Ukraine, most of the VR developers are fluent in English and the clients won’t face any problems in communicating with them. When the ideas are communicated clearly, there are more chances of getting desired output. Also, the time zone over lap is also one of the cool advantages of choosing one among the two countries. VR developers from these two countries are coming up with out of the box techniques and most of the clients are extremely happy with the outputs received from these two countries so far.
Core activity expertise: The clients have to take care of several activities starting from maintaining the firm to taking care of promotional activities and advertisements. While doing all this stuff, the client can’t give all his attention to coding and it becomes his second priority. If the client outsources the development, he can take care of other activities while the outsourced firm takes care of code development. During meetings, he can focus solely on the development and check the progress.
Cost Effective: Selecting and hiring VR professionals is an expensive affair and the client needs to pay them salaries monthly. Even a small mistake escalates the costs exponentially and this eventually may lead to project failure. Outsourcing the project is one of the best ways keep the budget in control and by outsourcing the project to Ukrainian or Indian firms, one can actually get their work done with fraction of the budget assigned to it as skilled professionals offer better services at cheaper prices there.
Less investment on infrastructure: Clients need not to spend anything on the infrastructure that is required for the development of VR content. The offshore company which is already equipped with all the required infrastructure will take care of development in case of outsourced projects. In general, offshore companies are equipped with latest infrastructure to meet the requirements of various clients and they assign a dedicated team to complete the task. Note that the client doesn’t need to invest on any software application if he outsources the project to a reliable firm.
Time bound results: Even in case of outsourced projects also, the clients will have the flexibility to check time bound results. The client can assess real time project development by checking the progress with developers even though they work for another firm. Most of the offshore firms offer weekly, fortnight and monthly updates and in case of complex projects or upon special request, daily updates are also possible.
Frankly, this list is endless and the above mentioned advantages are the important ones only.
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